Our Northern Brethren

Once again the manifestation of Ireland’s ills are laid bare in the sporting arena. The old age problem of sectarianism was highlighted in the recent clash between Linfield supporters and members of the Gardai Suiochana. Despite the politicians seemingly manage to get along- some are struggling to keep up with the rapid rate of maturity that their political leaders had for so long been lacking.

The amalgamation of The Ulster Cycling Federation with the Northern Ireland Cycling Federation into Cycling Ulster has been a positive step in the right direction towards eliminating sectarianism and politics in sport in Ulster. It’s a pity the FAI and Northern Ireland FA don’t have (excuse the pun)the balls to (again excuse the terminology) tackle the issues.

The Irish rugby team can play together, why not the soccer team? Too often sport gives a voice to a minority of idiots who want to vent their twisted ideas onto a public stage. My message to them is to grow up. There is no room for sectarianism in sport or indeed society.



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One Response to “Our Northern Brethren”

  1. michaelgreenwell Says:

    i’m just waiting on the casualty reports from last night.

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