Bitter pills to swallow (preferably not prescribed by NHS)

Thank goodness there are celebrities out there who can inform me of the injustice there is in the world. If it were not for these keenly up to date media moguls how would anything good ever happen?

It is with the utmost gratitude that I have to thank the ever so talented singer Joss Stone. Little Miss Stone has highlighted the abhorrent treatment of British Servicemen on their return from Her Majesty’s service. In her youthful modern tone of speech she told the Evening Standard newspaper: “I think the way the Government treats our soldiers is really f***** up. They can go to war and fight for our Queen and country but if they get their leg blown off they come back and are dealing with the NHS.”

“I think the NHS is the best thing about this country, but they should have a right to private treatment paid for by the Government.”

Not only is her impassioned speech endearing but it contains no hint of class elitism whatsoever. Does it?

Indeed the NHS is a fantastic service offered to Britons but we all know that private health care is better and who better to give it to then the military men who so deserve it.

Maybe Joss should be made aware that British Army chief Sir Richard Dannett is to launch a £2m a year service for former UDR and RIR soldiers in an effort to help them adjust to civilian life and cope with the legacy of the troubles. It was after all an incredibly difficult task those loyal sons of Ulster had in defending their sectarian statelet. The amount of suffering caused by the Good Friday Agreement and subsequent loss of a Protestant state for a Protestant people will be a pain that even £2m a year will never be enough to ease the trauma.

Who knows maybe Northern Ireland’s ministers can have a whip round for the Billy Boys who so loyally defended ‘their wee province’?

Bob Geldof and Bono could organise a special concert with concerned personalities such as Joss Stone to create awareness as nobody listens to people with credentials anymore.


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