banned music

For a list of records banned by the BBC and their justifications check out

Richie Kavanagh – “Aon Focal Eile” Banned in Britain because the first syllable of “Focal”, (the Irish for “Word”) sounded too much like “Fuck”...

I won’t torture you by adding the video. If you want to check it out on YouTube feel free. Richie Kavanagh’s contribution to the Irish music scene is infamous. Other hits of his include: “Mickey’s Bucking Ass” and “Pussy Pussy Cat”.

Paul Mc Cartney- Give Ireland Back to the Irish.This was a song he wrote and recorded after Bloody Sunday. Banned for obvious reasons.

Some of the songs on the list are hilarious.


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One Response to “banned music”

  1. michaelgreenwell Says:

    this was class…

    “Cliff Richard – Honky tonk angel – Self imposed ban as “saint” Cliff didn’t know that a Honky tonk angel was a Hooker! circa ‘72 -’73.”

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