Lisbon Treaty Threats

1. Green Party/Environmental Threat

According to John Gormley of “New Green” Party: a  No vote could deal a ‘crushing’ blow to efforts to save the planet.
The Independent says that Mr Gormley will claim that a No vote could ‘derail’ the fight against climate change. I hear you ask-how?

Let me explain: There is only one sentence in the Lisbon Treaty that mentions the environment. It says that combating climate change and global warming are targets of the Union.

It is not exactly a serious or committed statement. Pure lip service is the only way I can describe it.

John Gormley and the Green Party you are a disgrace.

leaders of the Green Party have voiced opposition to the aspects of the EU constitution – now Lisbon Treaty, which greatly increases Ireland’s involvement in the EU as a military bloc as well containing the EUROTOM treaty which gives a huge boost to the proliferation of nuclear power across the EU.

Green Party members for many years have opposed EU integration on the basis of its crippling democratic deficit, its creeping militarisation and worrisome support for the construction of nuclear power stations. 

Party leaders now wish to foolishly corral its members down a dark alley of implicitly supporting, the Lisbon Treaty, and all of the above. 
Green Party senator, Deirdre De Burca on Friday’s ‘Morning Ireland’ tried to justify the political party’s about turn and support for the renamed Constitutional Treaty.

She was a lady who while a county councillor outlined to the Forum for Europe, Green Party opposition to the EU Constitutional Treaty over recent years. She bemoaned the loss of power by national parliaments over important policy areas.

In May 2006, at the Forum for Europe, De Burca spelt out Green Party opposition to EU militarisation, saying “It is clear that the European security and defence policy and the EU battlegroup concept are logical first steps in the development of a fully fledged EU army.”

The Greens opposed the draft Constitutional Treaty in opposition, but now, post- election, and after Bertie appointed her as a senator, the previous policy positions have been forgotten. Not just jettisoned or forgotten, but now actively campaigned against.

2. Europe Threatens

If Ireland vote no we can no longer be part of the European Union.

In an article in Today’s Irish Times Jamie Smyth reports comments made by Herr Leinen.

The German Chair of the powerful Constitutional Affairs Committee of the EP is invoking a ‘duty of loyal co-operation’ which he says means Ireland cannot vote No and expect to stay in the EU regardless. No Irish government has ever told Irish citizens that the treaties we have signed up to previously, which contain an article mentioning a duty of ‘co-operation’, could be interpreted in this way.

This concept known as loyal cooperation also exists in the common foreign and security area – as we can see from Article 11.3 of the proposed EU treaty which similarly expands on the version in present text. The new Article says:

The Member States shall support the Union’s external and security policy actively and unreservedly in a spirit of loyalty and mutual solidarity and shall comply with the Union’s action in this area.The Council and the High Representative shall ensure compliance with these principles (How?)

The Member States shall work together to enhance and develop their mutual political solidarity. They shall refrain from any action which is contrary to the interests of the Union or likely to impair its effectiveness as a cohesive force in international relations. (This is Democratic?)


3.”Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”

The government cat-cries have been the same as ever; In other words we must bow submissivley to Europe at every turn and at every cost. As we see from the Greens even at the cost of our core principles and values.

This Treaty has been purposefully made incomprehensible for voters. It is undemocratic and our government’s “information” campaign has like the Nice Treaty before been sinisterly vague and obscure. The government issued literature coming into people’s homes contains absolutely no information to infrorm the voter. It is full of scare mongering language to frighten and bully us into something we don’t have to accept. I would be willing to accept a negotiated treaty.

We don’t have to vote for this Treaty. Don’t be bullied. Vote NO!


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  1. Ed O'Burke Says:

    Free Europe?
    Vote YES or NO at !
    (not sponsored by EU tax payers)

  2. THERE EU GO « Michael Greenwell Says:

    […] Please check my friends take on this at Lonesome Sparrows blog. […]

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