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Holy Blasphemy!

September 28, 2008

Consider this:

Tim prays to the Virgin Mary that he may pluck up the courage to ask out an office clerk that he fancies and that she accepts his invite. The same girl (Alice) prays to the Virgin Mother that another man (Tony) who works in the same office will ask her out.  While at the same time the man that the girl really wants to be with(Tony) is actually gay and is praying to the Holy Mother to be with the man who really wants to be with the girl(Tim) and hoping that he too is Gay.

What’s the Virgin Mother to do??

It has always bemused me how we are encouraged tor pray for divine intervention in times of need. I have serious reservations about this as it seems to be totally contradictory to what Christ and scriptures taught. If you look to the bible passage on the temptation of Christ in the desert : “On the other hand it is written, ‘You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.'” – Matthew 4:7

If Christians are to remain true to their faith then praying for ‘little’ interventions such as success in a job interview or for good weather is surely blasphemous and offensive to their God.

There is a trilogy of epic poems by Patrick Kavanagh and in the first ‘Why Sorrow’ he confronts this issue eloquently when he pens:

‘Is the way of living That you are praying for in this God’s giving? Ah, Lad upon the road of life ‘Tis best to dance with Chance’s wife And let the road-menders that follow Sweep remorse into a hollow.’

So the next time you pray to St. Anthony to find your car keys or to St. Joseph of Cupertino to pass an exam, think twice.